The Healing Gardens

by Foglord

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Brummbrummquietsch Calming, peacefully and beautiful. Favorite track: Restoring Light.
Kaptain Carbon
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Kaptain Carbon he Healing Gardens is dedicated to the space created by the artist in medication and servers as a dedication for rejuvenation in times of distress. To be fair, Foglord’s created space mimics the fantastic worlds created by other dungeon synth artists but The Healing Gardens is much more abstract and ethereal and perhaps does not come with a map. Favorite track: Path Through the Trees.
Rux Evilnox
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Rux Evilnox I'm glad that project is back with new stuff. Great sounds. Nice atmosphere for relax or dream. Favorite track: The Healing Gardens.
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A few years back I was going through a time of panic and distress. One day I lied down to meditate, to find some inner peace and calmness.. It was then when a vision came to me. A vision of a beautiful place in which I descended a white stairway from what seemed to be a white void. At the foot of the stairs was an opening, a path with giant trees on each side. Birds were singing and there was a feeling of summer. I followed this path and came to a small bridge. Below was a pool of shimmering, clear water. On the other side I saw an altar and crossed over. There were flowers there around it, so colorful and lively. I looked upon the altar, which was made of stone, and there sat an orb of light, just like a star. I went up to this ball of energy and climbed into it. I felt as if I flew upwards, transported into space itself. It was very bright and the energy was flowing into me, warming, energizing and restoring me in a certain sense. I came back down, out of the orb, finding myself back at the altar. Feeling an intense tranquility, I went back the way I had came, over the bridge, through the forest and up the stairs. When I reached the top, I "awoke", I guess you could say. Still, at certain times, when I meditate or find myself feeling drained or down, I return there.. Into The Healing Gardens. There are many realms which we can access, those of inner strength, insight, beauty and wisdom.

This experience is the basis for this album.

"This light shall I carry, always.."


released January 11, 2017

All music and artwork by Darien Dabbs, except for border image which is from the 'Book of Shadows'.



all rights reserved



This project is an outlet for my spirit and dreams. It is also a dedication to the spirit of nature and the lands around me; my greatest influences. With this music I want to create an ethereal atmosphere and paint a picture in the mind of the listener. Each song has a personal meaning within them and have been inspired by many things. ... more

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Track Name: Altar of Stone
On this path I walk
Amongst the trees
And pools of water so clear
I find refuge..

I come upon an altar
Forged from stone
A light, there, rests
As bright as a star
As warm as the summer
I reach for the energy within
Encircling my very essence
For I am one with all
A restoring light
Found in these healing gardens